GM Collin Anti-Aging and Corrective Facials & Peels

Botinal Facial-60 min $160.00

An innovative, clinically proven treatment boosted with peptides to visibly reduce expression lines and wrinkles, retinol and alpha lipoid acid to further deactivate the signs of aging.

Collagen 90 Facial-60 min $175.00

This exclusive highly renowned, intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically minimizes deeper lines and wrinkles, hydrates and tightens the skin resulting in the resurgence of a more youthful appearance.

Oxygenating & Purifying Facial 60 min $145

An oxygenating acne treatment designed to clear skin congestion, control acne and revitalize fatigued, stressed, dull skin. Treats and prevents acne with its breakthrough Oxygen complex and Patented Anti-Microbial Peptides combined with salicylic Glycol and Lactic acids.

Yon-Ka Specialized Facials

Eclat Cocoon- 60 minute $150.00

This "zen" face treatment that envelops you in delicate scents offers a little break of incomparable well-being for "stressed" skin that is dehydrated and lacking radiance. Using hot stones, warm ultra-hydrating aromatic preparations, and an enveloping and relaxing massage, the tension is released, the complexion lights up, the whole body gives in to tranquility and softness.

Hydralessence – 60 minute $150.00

Tightness, stinging… is your skin becoming rough and dull or being marked by fine lines? This is a cry for help: your skin is drying out. This high-performance treatment will quickly help to restore its balance, suppleness, and softness. What’s the secret? The powerfully softening action of seaweed and fruit extracts; the use of 2 refreshing masks, one including a massage with a fine aromatic mist; and the application of a repairing, hydration-reactivating duo using Yon-Ka techniques. The Yon-Ka touch during this facial: the application of a soft gel peel with citrus extracts on the hands, to hydrate and exfoliate simultaneously.
Chemical Peels- Prices starting at $175.00 One of the most powerful non-surgical skin improvements available. It involves the application of highly specialized acid and enzyme solutions to remove damaged layers, to remove debris and impurities, repair the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines, heal uneven pigmentation and brown spots, unblock congested pores and deeply hydrate and plump skin for a radiant youthful complexion. 

  • Progressive Peel ~ This refers to a treatment that does not usually cause immediate exfoliation and only removes the outer layer of skin or the stratum corneum.  As treatments are repeated, the skin will experience a mild sloughing.
  • Mid-Depth ~These peels affect the intra-epidermal layer, and exfoliation occurs within two to three days after application.  The skin goes through very little down time.  Peeling consists of light flaking similar to a sunburn peel.

Add-ons to any Facial: Paraffin Wax hand or foot treatment $10.00



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